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The mess that will only get better

Imagine you’re swimming, out in the ocean, but the crystal blue water is instead black, and then the sky turns black. You can just about make out the sun but that too is slowly fading.

As you start to panic you realise that your arms are becoming heavier and it’s taking every ounce of strength that you can muster just to keep your head above the water. Desperately, you start to look around for a life preserver or anything to lean on but there is nothing to be found. Anywhere.

You can see the beach in the distance but the more you struggle, the more the campfires on the beach retreat into darkness and everything seems lost. 

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Damn, here we go again…

I’ve been meaning to restart this shit tip for a while hence why all of the horribly outdated backcatalogue has all been published at once.

I’ll probably still use it just as much but I’m hoping it’ll be a decent outlet for when I need it.

Now with all that said, on with the show!

What's Up With Me?

Proceed – On your way to oblivion.

I did it! I’ve finally started writing again! All it took was three months of being away from university, six months of unemployment and whole load of crippling boredom. If you haven’t all ready then you should check out the About page on the site which outlines why on earth I’m doing this and why on earth you should pay attention to me. You don’t have to read everything I do, but it would be nice if you did.

For those of you too lazy to follow a link however, this is Super Mars (a name I saw written on a bus stop wall in York and thought it was cool) a place for me to hone my craft, write about things dear to me (video games) and stave off the aforementioned crippling boredom whilst I try and land myself a job. If it proves popular then I’ll keep it going, if not then who knows?But of course the popularity of the blog all depends on you now, doesn’t it?